airush kiteboarding



The composition of the package is an ideal combination of kite, board and bar for beginners and intermediate riders. Includes Airush Lithium kite, size 10 + Airush Switch Progression board, size 140 + Ultra Bar rail.

About product


  • Premium all-round freeride kite
  • Precise steering
  • Reduced bar pressure
  • Huge wind range

Ideal for the rider that spends countless hours on the water, the Lithium offers premium freeride versatility while remaining predictable and stable in the air. The Delta Hybrid design ensures the quickest response through the air as well as an instant relaunch. With amazing stability and ease of use, the Lithium is simply the perfect kite.



  • Easy & comfortable freeride board
  • 2.0 ABS reinforced inserts
  • Smooth flex for maximum comfort
  • Flatter rocker

Price per set - board, Element pads, handle and fins

The Switch Progression takes the ever-popular design and construction of the Switch into a super comfortable board to start and to continue your kiteboarding progression. For all-around entry-level freeride, featuring refined and smooth flex pattern, combined with a flatter rocker for easy planing and amazing upwind ability. Constructed with an ABS rail to make sure that your board stays strong and can handle impact through the early stages of progression.



  • Minimalist, versatile & lightweight
  • Extended bar throw
  • Compact pre-set trim system

Staying true to the Ultra name and philosophy, the Ultra Bar delivers a control system that is extremely simple, versatile, and lightweight. Having removed the ability to trim on demand by eliminating the bulky straps or cleats, the depower line is completely clear so that riders can utilize the full extension of their reach for the maximum amount of range.