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Diamond Offer

Diamond Offer

Special DIAMOND offer for women. Included: Airush Diamond V5, size 9 + Airush Diamond V6 + Access Bar All this with an incredible 41% discount !!!

Delivery within 3 weeks
€ 2531.68 € 1503.96

About product


  • Versatile female-specific performance.
  • Direct steering & swift depower.
  • Stable with all-around ease of use.

The Diamond features a refined profile and balanced configuration that appeals to a broad range of users from wave, foiling, and freeride, to freestyle. It is stable and user-friendly, yet responsive in both steering and power delivery. Even the lightest of riders can easily get the kite to the edge of the window in stronger conditions.


  • All-around freeride twintip for a lighter rider.
  • Narrow stance & softer flex pattern.
  • Single basalt fibre lamination for lightweight reflex.

The Diamond is the ultimate all-around female freeride board. Created with the smaller, lighter rider in mind, the Diamond has a narrower relative outline, softer flex pattern, and fine-tuned narrowed stance. A double concave with a solid spine allows for smooth landings, while a basalt fiber lamination provides the flex, lightness and durability. This makes it perfect for riders pushing their limits without compromising its playful character for those progressing.


  • Optimized control system for smaller riders
  • Small 24cm chicken loop
  • Short bar throw for easy reach

Designed for smaller riders, the Access Bar focuses on a more compact control setup with a smaller harness loop and shorter trim line. Keeping the depower strap easily within reach, which is absolutely critical for riding comfortably and safely. The reduction in grip diameter is extremely beneficial for those with smaller hands and ensures a more comfortable grip while riding.